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Automatic transmissions have a lot of moving parts and need a lot of lubrication to keep them all functioning well. Transmissions are expensive, but if you do proper maintenance and pay attention to what is going on, it should last a long time. At Hancock County Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our service department takes pride in its workmanship on transmissions. We want to help keep your transmission in good condition, and if it does go bad, we can help there as well. We know your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM vehicle better than anyone, and we are the most qualified to work on your transmission. We are in Newell, WV., and a short drive from East Liverpool, OH, Wellsville, OH, Toronto, OH, and Chester, WV.

Transmission trouble

You can check your transmission fluid yourself. It should be bright red. If it is turning brown, it needs to be changed, or there may be other issues. We start with transmission inspections, and if there are issues we will to a transmission fluid exchange. If it gets bad enough a transmission replacement may be needed. If you feel your transmission having trouble shifting if it slips. or jerks as you drive, there is something that needs attention. Leaks are also a sign of trouble. Bring your transmission to us at the first sign of trouble. Often if something is fixed early, you will save money on more expensive repairs later.

Transmission services

  • Transmission inspections involve checking the fluid and seals. We also take it for a test drive. From there we can advise the best course of action if needed.
  • Transmission fluid exchange is a basic draining and changing of the fluid. It does not remove all the fluid, but enough to get enough fresh fluid to help the transmission perform better. A full flush is the complete removal of all fluid and replacing that fluid.
  • Transmission replacement is the ultimate when the transmission has gone bad. You may buy a new one, buy a used one or a rebuilt one. Another option is to rebuild the one you have, which is often the best option. You may also buy a used one, but this choice is risky.

Visit Our Certified Service Center

Any problem will only get worse if not addressed. Transmissions will slip worse and worse until they will not go at all. Reverse gear usually goes out first. It may be inconvenient to not be able to back up, but if this happens, your entire transmission will go bad very soon. Avoid being left stranded on the road by getting service as soon as you notice a problem. Call Hancock County Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today for the best transmission service in Newell WV. We are a short drive from East Liverpool, OH, Wellsville, OH, Toronto, OH, and Chester, WV.

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