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Certified Mopar Free Multi-Point Inspections in Newell, WV 

Here at Hancock County CDJR in Newell, PA- we're always looking to provide our customers with comprehensive, top-quality auto service, genuine Mopar parts, and value-added customer care. Our goal is to keep you on the road safely and efficiently all year long. An important part of that is multi-point inspections and at Hancock County CDJR we include this service free with any other maintenance. A multi-point inspection is when your automotive technician inspects a number of key areas of your car or truck to examine the vehicle for its overall operating condition. Many of these key areas have a number of overlapping systems and are therefore good indicators of the functionality of several mechanical operations.

What Is Checked During a Multi-Point Inspection?

By checking the following locations and systems, your automotive technician can often discover any potential problems in systems related or connected to the areas of concern.

Fluids: If your coolant, oil, or other fluid levels are low, they need to be topped off. Of course, it could also mean that your vehicle has a leak somewhere which could indicate a blown head gasket or other problem. 

Hoses & Belts: These items are relatively soft and will tend to wear out faster than other mechanical components. By looking at the condition of your belts and hoses, your mechanic can get a good idea of how much overall service the vehicle needs. Loose or faulty hoses and belts can also indicate several problems, making them easier to diagnose.


Shocks & Struts: Your shocks and struts make your ride more enjoyable and help protect your vehicle from lots of additional wear and tear. If these develop problems, you're likely to notice right away. By remedying problems with these components, we can prevent many other problems from arising as quickly as they might otherwise.   

Tires: Tires that are in poor condition can lead to a sudden blowout, which will cause a loss of control making worn tires a >major safety hazard. Your tires are also a reliable indicator of how hard you have been driving your vehicle and under what conditions. Hard-worn tires should be serviced- and they can indicate other types of service that your automotive technician can then check for.

Get Your Free Multi-Point Inspection at Hancock County CDJR

Here at Hancock County CDJR in Newell PA, we service East Liverpool, OH, Wellsville, OH, Toronto, OH, and Chester, WV - our skilled, certified, and highly experienced technicians working in a state-of-the-art facility know your vehicle professionally and will only make honest and transparent referrals to pertinent best-practice maintenance and repairs if needed.      

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