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What is an Engine Air Filter? 

Your engine needs air in order to function, it needs clean air at that. The engine air filter helps to make sure that the air that enters your engine is clean. The engine air filter is a small filter that is located on the top of your engine that helps to filter the air that enters the internal combustion process. The engine air filter is essential to make sure that your engine is getting enough air, that the air it is getting is clean, and that your engine is able to complete the internal combustion process. When the engine air filter is dirty it can negatively affect the overall performance of the engine and the overall performance of your car. The engine air filter is an easy filter to change and it is something that is often changed out during other services like your oil change

Signs your Engine Air Filter Might be Dirty

A dirty engine air filter can cause the car to perform below the level that you expect and it can cause issues with the engine getting choked and potential fire if the filter is very dirty. This is a filter that is very easy to change out and that you should be changing out every few months. The first sign that your engine air filter is potentially dirty is that your engine hesitates or sputters. You might also notice a loss in power, strange smells like something burning, your engine might also cut off and stall. 

What Happens if I Delay Service?

An engine air filter is needed to make sure that the engine is getting enough air and that the air is not full of dirt that could potentially gunk up your engine or cause it to stall. The engine air filter is essential and without it, your engine is going to be choked out and is not going to get the right amount of air to complete the internal combustion process. The engine does need enough air to make sure that it is going to be able to run and to run smoothly.  

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Hancock County Chrysler Dodge Jeep offers a great range of services including changing out engine & cabin air filters. Their expert team is going to be able to get your car working well and make sure that all the basic services that your car requires are taken care of. This is a wonderful dealership to take your car as they do work to make sure you are going to have the right services to keep your car running well so that it lasts.

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